New Haven’s Career High School benefits from Alexion Pharmaceutical’s inaugural global day of service

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NEW HAVEN -- Some 300 employees walked the several blocks from Alexion Pharmaceuticals headquarters in New Haven to Career High School on Friday to meet up with students.

"We want to build a community and we want to build positivity, and it's amazing to have so many people coming in and wanting to do the same thing," said Nyla Harrison, a senior student.

About 1,500 Alexion employees worldwide took part in the company's inaugural global day of service.

"I thought it was really important for us to reflect our values by taking work time and volunteering that time," said David Hallal, CEO of Alexion Pharmaceuticals.

Some came armed with paint and brushes, but it wasn't just a stroke of luck that brought the blue crew to Career.

"Our health science, business, technology themes that are here at our school are directly aligned with a lot of the jobs and a lot of the degrees that representatives and employees from Alexion actually have," Dr. Zakia Parrish, the first year principal of Career High School.

Alexion volunteers took advantage of that synergy by conducting workshops, including one in which students learned how to make s'mores in a box.

Nicholas Fahey, of Alexion, used tin foil, plastic wrap and newspaper to harness the heat inside the box. After putting the s'mores inside the solar box, close it up and place it out in the sun, between the hours of 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. That should heat up the marshmallow and melt the chocolate!