PD: Orange grease thieves from Queens arrested

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ORANGE – Two men were arrested for trying to steal cooking oil from an Outback Steakhouse in Orange earlier this month.

Police said that on Monday, September 12, at around 5:45 a.m., during a routine patrol, a box truck was spotted inside the parking lot of the Outback Restaurant, which was not open for business.

Police said the truck was being used to remove the stored restaurant grease from an outside container. The two men weren’t from the company the restaurant hired to perform this service, and were stealing the grease to be resold, according to police.

The State Department of Energy and Environmental Protection was contacted to assist with the grease clean-up, and the State of Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles Truck Unit was contacted to inspect the arrestee’s truck.

Jahquay Rowe, 20, and Charles Green, 27, both of Queens, New York, were arrested Thursday for the theft.

Both men were charged with sixth-degree larceny  and held on at $1,000 bail.

Their truck was taken out of service after it failed inspection.