Quinnipiac student speaks out after photo of her in face mask circulated, called racist

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HAMDEN--It's been a rough start to college, but Sarah Goodrich is speaking out after being the subject of a controversial social media post.

Credit: Q30 News

Credit: Q30 News

Earlier this week, a photo of a female Quinnipiac University student started circulating on social media. The photo, a screen shot of a snapchat, showed the girl, now identified as Goodrich, with a black face mask on and the caption "black lives matter."

At first, many were calling for Goodrich to be expelled, but it was soon discovered that she was a victim. She knew the photo had been taken of her, but had no idea it was being put on social media, let alone with that caption.

"I am not what that caption portrays in any, I do not condone what that entire image says," Goodrich said in an interview with Q30 News, the Quinnipiac student television station. "I am Sarah Goodrich is the girl who does weekly facials and that’s it. So it is just crazy that some of the things that have been twisted on that but I think the people who know me, know me and that’s not me."

It turns out, not only was Goodrich not trying to be racially insensitive, she was just doing a daily part of her routine that another student found funny and took advantage of.

"I do weekly facials, my mom’s an esthetician," Goodrich explained to Q30. "And so I’m kind of strict about my skin routine, I got that from her. I had just been kind of hanging out with my roommates in my room and just I came in, they were playing music, and then I usually use a charcoal face mask. It’s really good for my skin so I chose that. So I just came in and all my friends kind of made fun of me for my skin routine.... I just come in and they were all dancing around and just having fun and my roommates were taking pictures of me and I didn’t really care because I always just do my thing kind of."

Well, one of those roommates posted the photo with the caption "black lives matter," and it quickly spiraled. Several people started to take screen shots of the snapchat photo and then repost it on various social media platforms. When this started happening, the girl who took the photo said, "Oh, that's so strange that someone screen-shotted my story of you in a mask."

That's when Goodrich realized what had happened.

"I said to the student, I said 'do you know what that means?' I was so just upset by it obviously."

So she went to the school's public service department to report the incident and the hateful messages now coming in about her, and they understood what had occurred.

"Once it was up, there I am like scrolling through this post like unable to do anything about it, looking at all these comments and so angry, and rightfully so, but then I had nothing to do with it," she said.

Thankfully, her friends and family knew she would never do that.

"So many people were reaching out, especially my close family and friends. They were absolutely devastated by it. They knew that I would just never condone the message that that picture sent...And a lot of my friends from my high school, especially some of my African-American friends who I was really close with, they were contacting me obviously upset when they saw the post, and they came to me and they were like, ‘Sarah, what is this? I know that you wouldn’t do something like this,’ but of course they couldn’t help but see what it looks like... And they were like, 'that’s not--I know you would not do that, but you need to speak up because that’s not what people see.'”

Her parents wanted her to come home and be safe, but she refused to run away when she didn't do something wrong. "So I said, ‘I need to stay here so that I can make sure that this is all worked out.’"

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