Loved ones tie yellow ribbons in hopes missing boaters are found

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MIDDLETOWN --  After 6 days of scouring the Long Island sound and beyond the Coast Guard suspended its search on Friday  for a missing Middletown mother and her son.

There is a $250,000 reward being offered if the two are found.

Family and friends gathered to show their support in finding Linda Carman and her son Nathan. They tied yellow ribbons around Linda's house to show that they have hope that she and her son will be found.

Carman's best friend from college, Glenn Lazinskn said, "We are all here to pray and to put all of our positive energy out into the universe and hope that she can feel our good intentions and make her way back."

Sharon Hartstein who organized the event said, "I`m devastated I don`t know where else they can look right now." Nevertheless, she said she's thankful for the rescue crews searching.

For about a week the coast guard searched roughly 60,000 square miles for Linda and Nathan.

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