New London church takes to the streets in Black Lives Matter demonstration

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NEW LONDON -- The All Souls Unitarian Universalist congregation is on a mission.

The church's weekly Black Lives Matter vigil moved to the New London Courthouse Sunday morning.

“Two black men and a black child killed in a week and it’s just, it was too much,” said member Andy Derr.

Andy Derr and his congregation extended their weekly vigil after the deaths of Terence Crutcher in Tulsa,  Tyre King in Columbus, and Keith Scott in Charlotte -- all killed by police officers.

“This week was very, very rough for me,” said Laura Lillian Best as she stood with the congregation. “We have a dark past of slavery that needs to be addressed. I think we do need to address implicit bias in law enforcement and institutional racism.”

“This may get some people thinking and talking but it’s not enough. We’ve got to go on beyond this,” member George Dowker said.

And so far the reaction to their message has been good.  Members said 90% of the reaction that they got was positive, with people waving or thumbs up or honking.

The group thinks our country is at a tipping point -- just the right time to make their voices heard for justice and equality.

“Its time to act. It’s not time to sit back and let somebody else do it,” said Derr.