Newington man raising funds, and hopes, for Haiti after hurricane

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NEWINGTON - A Newington man who has family in Haiti and runs a summer camp there has been looking at his phone non-stop since Monday. Marc Regis has tried several times to get hold of his sisters in Port Au Prince with no luck.

Regis said he can only imagine what it will look like when Hurricane Matthew moves out. He knows it won't be a pretty sight.

“Any little water can destroy the country,” said Regis.

For years, Regis has been running a summer camp outside Port Au Prince called Camp Hispaniola. Last summer, over 400 kids attended. He's thankful for the annual “Connecticut Walks For Haiti” event.

It started after the earthquake in 2010. Some of the money raised went to feeding the kids throughout the week-long camp. Regis is hopeful this type of generosity will continue for all Haitians following the hurricane.

“It's a good thing if you can send some money to the Red Cross, Americares, any good organization that's really going to use the money in Haiti,” said Regis.

Regis can be reached at