Governor Malloy announces plan to attack state’s opioid epidemic

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NEW HAVEN – Governor Dannel P. Malloy today received a strategic plan on the best way to attack the opioid epidemic in Connecticut.

He announced the results at Yale University School of Medicine because a team of doctors at Yale spearheaded the research and came up with seven focus strategies that its believed will take a substantial bite out of the opioid epidemic in the state.

“Those six strategies include increasing access to the most effective forms of treatment, which are medication treatments, coupled with counseling,” said Dr. David Fiellin of the Yale School of Medicine.

Other recommendations include focusing on individuals who have the highest risk for overdoses, including those who have survived previous overdoses, increasing compliance with opioid prescribing guidelines, increasing access to Narcan, which reverses the effects of opioids and sharing data across relevant agencies to coordinate response to outbreaks is also crucial according to the report, which you can read in its entirety here.