Past preparedness, now time in South Florida to hunker down for Hurricane Matthew

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CORAL SPRINGS, FL. --As Hurricane Matthew roars towards the Florida Atlantic coast, folks there are past the point of preparing and are now hunkering down.

One of those in the path of the hurricane is Mike Plante. He and his family live in Coral Springs, which is just 15 miles from the coast.

Their hurricane shutters are up, they have stocked up on bottled water, and they have filled up their bath tub.

They have also filled up on gas for their generator, as well as propane for the grill to cook if they lose power.

Plante says despite the numerous warnings, including reverse 911 calls and text messages, there are some in the neighborhood who haven't really prepared at all.

"It's tough to imagine that not everybody is aware of the storm at this point," Plante said.  "And not everybody is making precautions to brace for a rough night here in South Florida."

Plante says he and his family have enough supplies and fuel to last for several days.