Pet of the week – Izzy

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Izzy is a 3-year-old hound mix and she's looking for a great new home!  She is an easy-going, medium energy pooch; loves her walks, but equally loves kicking it back to relax.

She is oddly shy, and will cower when meeting new people; perhaps, in her previous home, she was handled heavily, or she is simply a soft, submissive dog.

Izzy was found roaming, and was picked up by local animal control; she was on the run for a few days before she finally warmed up to someone who was able to secure her. She gets along with most other dogs, and would do well with another dog who is confident, and can help her feel more secure.

She is housebroken, and was clearly trained before; someone worked with her, and maybe she escaped or was abandoned.

Izzy would be a great dog for first-time dog owners. She appears to be pre-trained, and would “train” her new people.

She suffers from black dog syndrome. That is to say, she is highly adoptable, but often overlooked, because people tend not to be attracted to black dogs.  She has Rottweiler-like markings, but is truly a hound. Nose to the ground, easy-going, cat-chasing hound type.

For more information on Izzy, or other pets that need homes, contact Protectors of Animals.