Hurricane Matthew cancels thousands of flights

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WINDSOR LOCKS — Hurricane Matthew is disrupting air travel up and down the east coast, including flight cancellations in and out of Bradley International Airport.

Airport officials told FOX 61 there were 8 cancelled flights leaving Bradley, 7 of which were heading to destinations in Florida. Friday morning there were also 7 cancelled arrival flights from Florida into Bradley. The majority of the cancelled flights were coming from, or going to Orlando, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale.

Nationwide there were roughly 3,800 flights cancelled because of Matthew’s impacts.

As of Thursday evening, airports in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Orlando either shut down completely or cancelled all airline operations.

Some passengers told FOX 61 they made adjustments to their flight plan earlier in the week, ahead of the storm, while one Florida resident said he had been watching the flight statuses closely.

“I came out here to do a little business for my company and I checked the websites all the time to make sure they’re weren’t any major changes and I saw that we were going to be pretty safe and I spoke with my wife, everyday to make sure she was okay, and everything worked out fine,” Andy from Estero, Florida said.

Many airlines put notices out to passengers that they are adjusting their waiver and flight change polices for those impacted by Hurricane Matthew. Each airline has a unique policy, so be sure to call your airline directly for those changes.