Lining up for Southington’s famous apple fritters on Foodie Friday

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SOUTHINGTON -- Once a year, people come from near and far to line up for famous apple fritters. Since 1969, Southington's Apple Harvest Festival is home to the sweet treats which are made with the same secret recipe for the last 47 years.

"We use 8,500 pounds of apples in the entire festival," said Lois Garafola, co-chairperson for the apple fritters.

Volunteers, like Garafola, perfectly proportion each fritter with just the right amount of apples. The doughy mixture is then carefully deep fried and coated with a special blend of sugar and cinnamon, tumbled and served hot. The whole process that takes about 6 minutes until they are bagged and ready to go.

"We try to keep the line down to 10 or 15 minutes," said Garafola. "On weekends it's pretty tough because it's wrapped all the way around the corner."

That doesn't stop customers like Roger Polance, from coming back for sweetness every year.

"The flavor is just too remarkable," Polance said. "I been doing this for 30 years and this is the best thing that has happened to this town."

The booth is only open through Sunday afternoon when the festival comes to a close, or while supplies last. Proceeds go to Zion Lutheran Church.

"The town looks forward to it, we look forward to serving the town and helping out some of the services that we donate too," said Garafola.

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