Connecticut Democrats call for state GOP to denounce Trump’s vulgar comments

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Donald Trump's leaked audio from a 2005 “Access Hollywood” interview -- creating a firestorm across the country.  The backlash is no different in Connecticut.

On Sunday afternoon, Connecticut Democrats joined together to denounce Trump's comments.

 Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman said Trump has been despicable to all people -- and that this isn't just a women's issue. “I hope they look at their families and realize that in his hands, your sons your daughters, no one is safe.”

“This man has been disgusting for the last 14 months or however long he’s been running for president of the United States. This just capped it,” said Wyman.

“The comments that Donald Trump made were disgusting. They were sickening. Maybe what’s most scary of all is that they weren’t shocking. Because they were not out of character,” said Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin.

Wyman called Trump's comments nothing short of sexual assault --- and now Connecticut Democrats are calling for Republicans to take a stand.

“We are calling on the Connecticut Republicans to immediately denounce Donald Trump and his hateful disgusting language,” said Wyman.

“There is no other thing for the Republican party to do but to completely disavow him up and down the ticket at every level -- including here in Connecticut,” said Bronin.