The Real Story – A vote against Sikorsky

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Sen. Joe Markley (R) Dist. 16 explains why he voted against the $220M incentives plan, for helicopter-builder, Sikorsky.  He also reacts to Governor Malloy's suggestion that there should be 10% more in spending cuts over the next two budget years.

The Connecticut General Assembly gave its final legislative approval to a $220 million agreement that will keep Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. in the state to produce a new line of heavy cargo helicopters.

The bill cleared the House of Representatives on last month by a vote of 136-6. Earlier in the day, it passed the Senate 35-1.

Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy's administration reached the deal with Sikorsky and its new owner, Maryland-based Lockheed Martin. Malloy is expected to sign the bill into law. He calls the agreement "bold" and "forward-thinking" and says it will help Sikorsky workers and hundreds of small businesses across the state.

Republican House Minority Leader Themis Klarides says she supports the deal with "a heavy heart." She says the state shouldn't have to chase after businesses.

The Sikorsky agreement needs approval from union workers, who are expected to OK it. The company would build nearly 200 heavy cargo helicopters in Stratford by 2032.