Enjoy the foliage while playing Disc Golf in the Berkshires

PITTSFIELD, Mass. - Sure, viewing the foliage can be serene and soothing. Or, you can live it while hiking a mountain and sinking baskets!

While Bousquet Mountain in the Berkshires is famous as the first ski area in the country to ever make snow, it's now known for something else: disc golf!

bousquet2"This course is probably one of the most aesthetically pleasing -- if not the most aesthetically pleasing -- courses in Massachusetts," says Pete Charron, who owns an online disc golf store, runs tournaments and captains a team. "You don’t get to see a view like this every single day."

With Mount Greylock in the distance, he uses the elevation to elevate his game: "It also enhances the fun, as well."

But, any novice can also give the sport a try. Several years ago, Bousquet Mountain debuted the 18-hole course to add to it's off-season attractions, which also include a water park and aerial ropes course.

"We have people that walk in and say, 'Huh, disco golf. Sounds like fun. Let’s give it a try,'" says Erick Bartlett, manager of Bousquet Mountain, which has a relaxed family feel.

Each hole begins with a drive. At Bousquet, you can really let the disc fly! But, watch out for a "roller," that might take-off down the hill! Then, you embark on a series of throws until a player makes a basket.

Charron points out disc golf is different from Frisbee. The player with the fewest strokes is victorious!

But, it doesn't really matter -- the mixture of the view, exercise and fun makes disc golf at Bousquet a win for everyone. disc-golf-8

"I think when you juxtapose it with geocaching, hiking -- different very passive forms of recreation -- disc golf is an awesome outlet for people who are interested in those things," says Charron. "It’s wonderful to go out for a day and try it out."

Bousquet Mountain is an easy drive from Connecticut. It is hosting a big ski sale October 15 and 16.

A day pass for disc golf costs $6, which includes the rental disc. Folks can visit and play until the mountain is covered in snow. Click here for information!