Vigil held for mother who died from a hit and run driver

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MERIDEN -- A valiant mother pushed her daughter to safety before she was killed by a hit-and-run driver last week, and on Friday friends and family gathered at a candlelight vigil to remember Dania Cedeno Delrosario.

It's been a week since the young mother was killed, and besides mourning her loss those at the vigil pleaded for help in finding the person who left her for dead.

Many co-workers shared how Delrosario was a great person to work with.

"She was the one to everyone if everyone was in a bad mood she would come right up and give you a hug and make your day and even if she didn't know English she would speak English and it sounded well and she was getting there she was getting there," said Darangellis Batista, a co-worker.

Batista said she didn't know Delrosario's daughter, however she met her at the wake.

"She’s a very strong and happy girl very beautiful reminded me a lot about her mother but she has a happy personality I can say that shes a very happy girl," Batista said.

And Kathleen Schatzman who also worked with her said, "It’s a shame what happened to her but she died a hero and everyone loves her we’re all here for her and she’s a great person she’s going to be missed by all everyday."

Friends said Delrosario had just come to the states about two years ago from the Dominican Republic. They said her husband just joined her about two months ago before she was killed.

Family and friends will be organizing a pasta dinner fundraiser at John Barry Elementary School on Friday, November 4 to raise money for the family.

Meriden police are asking anyone with information to please contact them.