Mom’s live-in boyfriend charged with abusing 2-year-old in Plainville

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PLAINVILLE–A young boy is being treated after his mother’s live-in boyfriend allegedly assaulted him.

According to Plainville Police, a complaint was made on October 6 by a mother who thought her boyfriend was physically abusing her 2-year-old son.

The boyfriend, identified as Jacob M. Matthews, 20, is not the boy’s father.

Officers saw the boy had bruising on his face, head, hips and genitalia, and examinations by the Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect Program at the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center agreed the bruising was consistent with abuse.

Matthews is scheduled to appear in court again on November 18. The warrants in the case were sealed.

The boy is now in the care of the Department of Children and Families.

Matthews is charged with risk of injury to a minor, cruelty to persons, assault in the third degree and disorderly conduct. He was released on a $150,000 bond and was ordered to stay away from the victim at all times.