Clinton takes 7 point lead in Quinnipiac national poll

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Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

HAMDEN — Hillary Clinton has taken a seven point lead over Donald Trump in the latest Quinnipiac University national  poll released Wednesday.

In a press release, officials said Clinton took a 47 – 40 percent lead in likely voters , with seven percent for Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson and one percent for Green Party candidate Jill Stein,

Clinton held a five point lead in an October 7 survey.

The poll showed men are divided with 43 percent for Trump and 41 percent for Clinton. Women back Clinton 52 – 37 percent. White voters go 45 percent for Trump and 41 percent for Clinton, while non-white voters back Clinton 63 – 25 percent.

In a head-to-head, two-way race, Clinton tops Trump 50 – 44 percent.

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