Wall That Heals makes a stop in West Haven

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WEST HAVEN -- A Wall That Heals has been set up in West Haven, where veterans names  are on a wall from all over the country.

David Ricci, the president of the West Haven Vietnam veterans said this is a memorial for those who died so other veterans, like himself, could live.

"How was I able to come home, and they weren't?" Ricci said.

He was there with his wife Kathy Ricci who said, "I'm proud of my husband, this meant a lot to him. I think it's a healing for so many of these veterans, just to do this."

The wall is owned by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Foundation which is based in Washington D.C. They requested the wall to be in West Haven for about a week, since the last time one was here was 15 years ago.

There are about 58,000 names on the wall, from all over the country.

"Each name represents a human being and a life that was lost. It's overwhelming."

Flags were set up around the area as part of a fundraiser, and they represent 100 names on the wall, as people put a name of a loved one on the ribbon.

On Sunday, the names of about 612 Connecticut veterans who died in Vietnam will be read.