Controversial Bristol company aims to make housecleaning fun with ‘model maids’

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BRISTOL -- "Sexy French maid" is no longer just a Halloween costume, at least not in Bristol.

A new cleaning service launched last week is called "My Model Maid," and it's exactly what it sounds like.

The company is a customized housecleaning service, and all of the "maids" are models, and willing to wear virtually whatever you'd like.

"You select the maid, her attire (French maid, schoolgirl, cheerleader, Wonder Woman or special requests ) and a time that’s convenient for you," the website advertises.

But as Josh Daily, the founder and owner of My Model Maid, says, they're "more than just a pretty face." All of the models receive professional training in cleaning and bring commercial-grade, eco-friendly cleaning equipment with them. Services including vacuuming, cleaning, scrubbing, disinfecting, polishing, dusting, laundry and more.

The company is also listed on the Central Connecticut Chamber of Commerce.

A single hour of cleaning or party hosting costs $79, with deals available if you do weekly cleanings, want more hours or an additional model.

Already, some are questioning if the service is real, while others are flat-out balking at its controversial nature.

"Sick and perverted. What kinda creep would go for this and what kinda woman would lower herself to this?" one FOX 61 Facebook viewer wrote.

Another was concerned about the possible fall out. "You know this is ripe for trouble to ensue at some point in the future!" he wrote on FOX 61.

But Dailey says he has really given this his all. He says he's invested not only time into researching the business, but also his entire life savings. He wants to prove that this is "more than a novelty service."

Dailey has been working on launching My Model Maid since May, and it officially launched last Friday. While the company mainly just serves Connecticut at the moment, they're already getting requests from Massachusetts, and Dailey hopes to expand to New York City and Boston within six months. He's also looking to open up franchise options eventually.

"The response has been tremendous. We've had requests from all over Connecticut and even one in Massachusetts. It's been a crazy week, but everyone is having a lot of fun with it," he said.

Another upcoming addition to the line-up will be male models for hire.

Besides professional cleaning services, the company offers hosting options for private parties, where the maids will serve food and drinks.

But all of the services are pretty strict. Customers must complete a free background check with proof of identification, and maids will wear watches that are similar to Life Alert, which summons police when a button is clicked. Also, any requests that are sexual or any attempts at physical contact will result in the model leaving and the customer forfeiting the entire payment.

"This has started as a part-time gig for everyone, but pays roughly triple the industry standard, so I'm hoping to make it into something people can make a career out of," he told FOX 61. "I couldn't have asked for a better team of ladies to work with. I've told myself from day one, that I never want to be part of a company that people don't enjoy working for. But that also means making sure it's a safe environment to work," which is where the background checks and safety watches come in. The company and models are also bonded and insured.

So where did the idea come from? "It all started when I was looking for a maid service for my own home. After a busy work week housecleaning wasn't at the top of my wishlist. So I thought, what if there was a fun alternative to housecleaning? "

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