Hundreds donate to GoFundMe for mother of 3 killed in Litchfield motorcycle crash

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LITCHFIELD — A terrible crash in Litchfield over the weekend left several people injured and a mother dead, and now her community is rallying together.

On Sunday, a group of 18 motorcycles were taking a drive through Litchfield when a serious incident occurred. Police say a 58-year-old woman was driving a 2014 Ford Escape S northbound on Route 63. She claims a motorcycle was in her lane, so she swerved, heading into the oncoming southbound traffic where the 18 motorcycles were.

In the crash a total of at least four motorcycles were hit, and at least six people were injured.

Credit: Saw Horse Farm Facebook

Credit: Saw Horse Farm Facebook

The first motorcycle was hit “squarely” by the car, police said, at which point the passenger, Aislinn Kern, 33, of Harwinton, was thrown from the bike and smashed into the car’s windshield, then went over the car and landed in the road behind it. Kern was killed from her injuries and her husband Edmond, 40, was driving the motorcycle and suffered critical injuries. He was airlifted to the hospital by LifeStar and is still recovering.

The Kerns have three young daughters, and now “Eddy,” who has “a long road of recovery ahead,” is left to raise them. Aislinn’s aunt started a GoFundMe to help raise money for the girls.

“In a matter of seconds our lives have been changed forever. The carelessness of one person has ripped our family to pieces. We will all need to learn how to mange each day without our daughter, mother, wife, sister, niece, cousin, and best friend. Eddy will now be given the task of raising these three girls alone. Your donations will assist Eddy with his medical expenses, funeral expenses, and to help with providing care for the girls,” Kathy Herde wrote on the GoFundMe page.

Herde also mentioned that the Kerns’ youngest daughter, Gabby, has a form of dwarfism, and will require special needs.

Ailsinn was a professional photographer who started Bella Rose Photography, and on her website she describes her love of backyard chicken farming, crocheting, and “riding motorcycles with my husband.”

A local horse farm, the Saw Horse Farm in Torrington, also posted photos of the family as part of their community.

Police have not yet said what the cause of the crash was and if any charges will be filed. The investigation is ongoing.

Click here if you’d like to contribute to the GoFundMe page.