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Looking back at Sandy 4 years later

OLD SAYBROOK -- As tropical storm Sandy hit four years ago, many people shared their stories of what they were doing then.

"We were really hunkered down waiting for the storm you know trying to protect our home bringing everything in," said Nancy Cowser, who lived in Uncasville.

She spent the four year anniversary fishing at Saybrook Point.

"I feel very fortunate to still be on the water, this is a beautiful spot, we're having a great day fishing, but I feel very fortunate and hopefully we don't have to go through something like that again it was awful," Cowser said.

And Bill Asprelli said many people come to this area looking to get food at the Dock & Dine, which has closed after the storm.

"A lot of people come by the Dock and Dine and say do you know where Dock and Dine is well it's not here anymore," said Asprelli.

In West Haven, Mayor Ed O'Brien said, "We had some a lot of beach erosion roads got washed out along the shore our walkway got washed out."

Nevertheless he said they're more prepared now.

"I think we have much better systems in place I think resiliency is important we've beefed up our shoreline," O'Brien said.