How to talk with your kids about this historic yet divisive election

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AVON - Angry, divisive, frustrating — all words used to describe the presidential showdown between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Parents are shaking their heads, saying: "What kind of world are our kids growing-up in?" and "What kind of example are candidates setting for our sons and daughters?"

As the grand finale looms, it's easy to get wrapped-up in the negative aspects of the election.

A parenting expert in Avon says it's not all bad, and that we need to highlight all facets of the political season — both negative and positive — with our children.

"When you're talking about the election, you want to be really clear with your kids that this is a conversation we're lucky to have," says Dr. Amy Alamar, an educator and author. "This is our democracy, the foundation of our country."

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