Video of racially charged traffic confrontation in Memphis going viral

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Warning: There is some strong language in the videos that may not be appropriate for all audiences.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A video depicting a confrontation between two men is going viral on social media.

It appears to take place in a parking lot.

Skye Lev, who posted the video, said the confrontation started with a traffic incident.

The man shown in the video gets into a rather heated discussion involving race and the Black Lives Matter movement.

The man, who is white, gets out of his car, walks up to Lev’s car, and starts screaming through the window.

The man starts by saying “Trump all the way,” and then says “Black lives don’t matter, there ain’t no proof.”

He later goes on to say, “Black people were bought by a contract, and we got ripped off because you all should have gotten returned when there was evidence and proof that you all couldn’t do anything.”

“This is a prime example of why you should get out and vote!” Lev wrote on his original Facebook post, which he says Facebook took down. He posted it again, and the second video had more than 165,000 views in 12 hours.