‘Cat burglar’ on the loose has hit at least 2 West Hartford homes as residents slept: police

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WEST HARTFORD--Police are investigating a string of overnight thefts in one West Hartford neighborhood.

On Friday, police responded to two different residences in the Elmwood section of West Hartford for reports of burglaries. The homes, on Barton Street and Brian Road--less than a mile apart--were trespassed as the residents slept.

Police say that the burglars took flat screen TVs, cash and other electronics from the homes. The residents didn't realize they'd been robbed until they woke up Friday morning.

Police say that the homes were most likely left unlocked because there were no signs of forced entry.

The resident of the Brian Road home confirmed that the burglars entered through a back door, which was unlocked. He spoke to FOX 61, but did not want to provide his name.

“It’s just really unnerving what happened that people could just come into your house like that without being noticed and walk out no trace of anything,” the victim said.

He added that he's a student at the University of Hartford, and lost things he needed for school. "In my backpack I had books I had folders with school stuff in it from the past couple years, and finals Monday and Tuesday so I got to figure out how to study for that now.”

His wallet and laptop were stolen as well.

The woman who lives at the Barton Street address said only her TV was stolen, and nothing else was touched.

No witnesses to the burglaries have come forward, though one person in the neighborhood did report seeing a car driving without headlights on.

Residents are now concerned with how the burglars picked their targets.

“I’m dismayed and I’m shocked. I’m really quite appalled that a TV could be taken from two homes in the neighborhood. You wonder how someone saw the TV, you wonder how they were able to so quietly maneuver in and take it out," said Jim Narus, who has lived in the neighborhood for several years and always thought it was safe.

Meanwhile, also on Thursday night a car was stolen from Grennan Road, and another car involved in the theft had also been stolen from West Hartford just days earlier. Both cars had keys or FOBs left inside.

Neither car has been located.

Police have added extra patrols in the area, and are encouraging residents to lock their cars and homes. If you have information or see anything, call police at 860-523-5203.