Glastonbury teen finds way to honor veterans of American Revolution who had been forgotten

GLASTONBURY -- Veterans Day in Glastonbury was a special event, as always, but this year it was made better courtesy of a Glastonbury High junior who used his Eagle Scout project to change the landscape of Hubbard Green.

avery-motychkaAvery Motycka, 17, noticed that Hubbard Green had monuments honoring soldiers from every American war--with the exception of the Revolutionary War.

Motycka sent the past two years meeting and planning with various groups to have a monument made, and in a Veterans Day ceremony he dedicated the monument to his town.

"Glastonbury played a huge role in the American Revolution," Motycka said. "There is always more we can do, but with this addition, it's looking a lot better."

John Davis Jr., the chairman of Glastonbury's veterans services commission, said of the new addition to the green "makes our monuments perfect now."