Caught on camera: Waterbury Police searching for man who smashed car window, stole from inside

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waterbury-smash-and-grab-suspectWATERBURY--Police are trying to find the person responsible for a recent burglary.

According to Waterbury police, a car was robbed on October 24. The car was parked in front of 2807 East Main Street.

Surveillance video of the theft shows a man with a pink and white striped bag bike up to the the car and get off. He then cases the car, walking around and looking in the windows. He also peers into the windows of nearby shops.

After a few seconds you can see the man smash the window with some type of object in his hand. He then reaches inside and pulls out several items, sticking them in his bag. After about two minutes of pulling items out of the car the man walks back to his bike and takes off in the direction he came from.

This wasn't the first incident in Waterbury: a similar incident occurred on October 5 in back of Lombard Plaza, and police think the same suspect broke into several other cars. It's not clear if it's the same suspect in this case. Here is some additional information on that instance:

If you recognize the man, please call Waterbury Police at 203-574-6941 or 203-755-1234. You can also email police at