Tech helping homeowners avoid being victims of common holiday crime

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NEWINGTON – When a thief decided to steal packages from outside a Newington house on Wednesday, his image was captured on camera.

Newington Police quickly shared the images from the Culver Street home on social media hoping to catch the person responsible and alert the neighborhood. The homeowner told FOX 61 there are already several leads that police are pursuing.

“I have heard about people taking things and I’m on or near a main road so it’s easy to see if something’s left on my porch. So I do track my packages,” said Sunita Prestage, who lives near the victimized home.

As this type of crime becomes more common around the holidays, more people are looking into ways to protect themselves.

Mammoth Surveillance out of West Hartford said they are busy into 2017 with both commercial and residential clients that want more protection.

“A lot of times we’ll put up cameras and every single issue will stop simply because we have these cameras out there looking at everybody. The criminals know that they’re being watched, they instantly will stop,” explained Eugene Klimaszewski, Operations manager at Mammoth Surveillance.

He says most homes only need 1-3 surveillance cameras, but for commercial clients they’ve installed anywhere from 8 to 32 at a location based on need.

“All of our cameras are very high megapixel technology. They're all high definition. They're either 4 megapixel or above and that allows you to forensically zoom after the fact to get the details that you need,” Klimaszewski said.

“You can purchase a camera as simple as offering a 90-degree angle and seeing an overview of what's happening all the way up to a camera that can automatically track somebody and follow them around your property.”

But he says with technology these days, most homeowners can buy a camera off the shelf that will get the job done. He recommends the Nest Cam as an affordable, reliable option if your property only needs one camera. He says anywhere beyond three cameras, it will cost less and provide better coverage if you hire a professional company.

In a list of tips from Newington Police, they said if you do have home security, you should make it obvious. Post a sign on your lawn and make the cameras visible so thieves know they’re being watched.

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