Bloomfield physical therapist offers natural approach to treating concussion

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BLOOMFIELD - Statistics show an increasing number of people are intrigued by mixing traditional and alternative therapies to treat illness and disorders.

Last February, Dana Reichler was playing intramural soccer with his friends when he slid to the ground during a play. The goalie then kicked the ball directly into his face. The junior at UConn doesn't remember what happened next. Diagnosed with a concussion, his fourth, he had trouble recovering.

"Just that fogginess, lethargy, difficulty concentrating," he said, noting that even after he rested for the prescribed time, he still didn't feel like himself.

"At the four-month mark, I was dealing with depression," he said. "I couldn't exercise."

He decided to try Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT) — an alternative treatment now being used on patients with concussions and even children with autism.

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Studies of IMT are currently underway.  Click here to learn more about the approach at Integrative Wellness & Physical Therapy.