South Windsor firefighting hindered by extensive combustible load in house

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SOUTH WINDSOR – A fire closed Miller Road in South Windsor Tuesday morning.

Around 7:15 a.m. firefighters responded to multiple 911 calls about a fire at the corner of Miller and Barber Hill roads. When they arrived, a female occupant was out front and said that a male occupant had run back inside for his dog.

Firefighters searched the home, and it was determined the man and his dog had safely gotten out.

However, searching the house was difficult. According to the South Windsor Fire Department, they were already familiar with the address for issues with excessive combustible fire loads. While searching, they had difficulty accessing the side and rear of the home due to limited and hazardous access.

While inside, firefighters found ammunition and fireworks that were being impacted by the fire. Those items had to be removed, and a defensive team followed up.

The South Windsor Fire Department says an off-duty Vernon police officer stopped by to help and prevent people from entering the building.

In addition, fire departments and EMS crews from Ellington, Manchester, Broad Brook and Vernon responded, and East Hartford, Ellington and Warehouse Fire Department provided coverage to the rest of the community.

Officials said the fire was out in an hour, but Miller Road was closed between the Foster Street extension and Ellington Road (Rt. 74) for several hours, but has since reopened.

The South Windsor Fire Marshal’s Office, South Windsor Police Department, State Fire Marshal’s Office, South Windsor Building Department, Public Works, Red Cross and Environmental Services Inc. all are investigating and assisting with clean up.

No one was injured, and the cause is being investigated.