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Rev. Al Sharpton visits Stamford church, discusses fears of Trump presidency

STAMFORD -- Church was in session Tuesday night as Rev. Al Sharpton traveled to the Nutmeg State to make his feelings on the election clear to the crowd.

Sharpton shared biting criticism of President-elect Donald Trump, saying he fears the civil rights of minorities may be scaled back.

"How we will handle him will be by his actions," said Sharpton. "His actions so far are to nominate people to the cabinet that stand against everything we believe in, so you can't talk peace, and, at the same time nominate people that are at war with our interests."

Around 100 people filled the sanctuary hall of Union Baptist Church in Stamford to hear Sharpton speak.

"I'm not going to get disrespectful in the house of the lord, but at the same token, there's a lot of praying that needs to be going on," said Edgardo Diaz of Fairfield. "This nation needs to come together and pray."

Sharpton's National Action Committee is scheduling a march on Washington on January 14.