‘Basketball moves’ put Hamden High School on lockdown Thursday morning; lockdown now lifted

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hamden high school

HAMDEN – Police said Hamden High School was placed on lockdown Thursday morning.

Police said that on Thursday morning at around 7 a.m. the Hamden High principal told them about an incident that happened inside the school that caused him to put the school on lockdown.  The principal told police that the person responsible was somewhere inside of the building.

Police spoke with a school employee at the school who said that she was walking in the maintenance hallway, when she heard someone running towards her.

She said that the juvenile male “raised his fist” as if to punch her and said that she ran away from him. She told co-workers about the incident.

Police said the juvenile is a student at Hamden, and was running in the hallway, “making basketball type moves.” When the woman who ran away turned around, the juvenile was “making believe that he was dunking a basketball,” according to police.

Students were taken to the Hamden Middle School during the lockdown but returned to their normal studies when the lockdown was lifted at about 7:45m, according to police.