Hawk attacks 4.5 lb. dog in South Windsor

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SOUTH WINDSOR — A small dog is recovering after almost being carried off by a hawk.

A chihuahua named Chalupa, who weighs 4.5 lbs according to owner Rich Toce of South Windsor, was on the front steps when a hawk came from the sky and tried to carry the little guy off.

Toce said the hawk was choking the dog and dragged him down three steps. When Toce tried to pull him off the hawk dropped the dog and flew off.  Toce took the dog, who was in rough shape, initially to the vet and then to a local emergency veterinary hospital where they were able to save his life.

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Although it was touch and go for a time, 14-year-old Chalupa is home and recovering from his injuries, and is no doubt happy to be home for the holidays, said Toce.

Experts say the best way to avoid having a small animal attacked by a bird of prey is to stay nearby when pets are outdoors and remain visible. Provide cover if pets must stay outdoors.  In addition, don’t feed other birds nearby as the attacker may be waiting for the prey to be distracted while feeding.