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Kids at East Hartford shelter surprised with presents delivered from Santa, local fire department

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EAST HARTFORD -- The Tolland Fire Department delivered cheer and presents to a family shelter in East Hartford on Christmas Eve.

Tenequa Johnson was one of the mothers who received Christmas presents for her two children. She said she had no idea that the fire department was going to come bring them presents.

"I was overwhelmed at first, it's very beautiful and we're very blessed that that these guys thought about us to bless us with stuff for Christmas," Johnson said. "It's not even about the fact that they came to give us gifts, it's just giving is the most important thing ."

Barry Andrews has been helping deliver presents from the fire department for seven years.

"It's a long process, it takes about a month to get everything going. By weekly hours it's between four and six hours a week to just detail and clean the sleigh," Andrews said.

Nevertheless, he said it's always fun to drive the fire truck, as the kids ride on the sleigh in the back.

"I love it. I love seeing the kids go up on the sleigh and they have a great time," Andrews said.

The fire department delivered toys  to 15 families, and each child received about 10 toys.