Foodie Friday – Uncovering unique flavors in North Branford

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NORTH BRANFORD -- The Hidden Kitchen on Route 80 is no longer one of the area's best kept secrets.

The menu is filled with unique flavors while putting a spin on typical dishes.

"Most people are like, 'wow, what the heck, where did that come from?'" said owner David Sulkowski.

Sulkowski, a former engineer, and his wife Sandi, who is a retired school teacher, run this hot spot, that serves up one of a kind dishes, like pancakes with BBQ pulled pork and Jack Daniels maple syrup.

"We also pour a shot of Jack for the customer," said David.

Another popular item is a Mexican infused deep-fried Chimi filled with chorizo and all the trimmings.

"The food is phenomenal," Sandi Sulkowski said with a smile.

"It's a lot of fun coming up with new stuff, like a BBQ Benny (eggs Benedict) with breaded chicken," said David. " I mean it's crazy, but people love it and the taste is there."

This week, the Sulkowskis are enjoying their second year anniversary at the North Branford location which has become their home away from home, where the people who come in to eat are more than just customers.

"Everyone knows each other so it's not uncommon for somebody to buy another table's breakfast... 'oh, that was my son's teacher,'" said Sandi Sulkowski. "We had a young man come in and buy his high school teacher breakfast so it's just a real sense of community. It is just happy."

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