East Hartford man facing deportation hires legal team as deadline looms

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EAST HARTFORD — The family of an East Hartford man facing deportation has hired a legal team to represent him.

Domingo Ferreira reported to immigration services on Thursday, January 5, and was given a surprise extension.

His family has been without an attorney for several months so now they’ve hired New London attorneys Chester Fairlee and Daniel Horgan, who will be consulting with immigration attorney Nancy Harrington.

Fairlee said the family chose him because of his involvement in the Casey Chadwick case, which they saw on a FOX 61 News. Chadwick, 25, was murdered by Jean Jacques, an illegal Haitian immigrant. Fairlee said the family needs help now because their financial resources have been depleted. Legal fees will be deferred until the future, according to Fairlee. He and the other attorneys will be collecting records from around the state, including Enfield, which has the records of two previous cases involving Ferreira from 12 years ago.

Fairlee said they have an idea on a strategy and hope to move forward with the case next week.

Domingo Ferreira, who is in the United States legally, got a certified letter from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on the day after Thanksgiving telling him he was to be deported.

Domingo’s wife Diane Ferreira has an inoperable brain tumor. One of their daughters has lupus and fibromyalgia, and is currently undergoing chemotherapy for what doctors believe could be pancreatic cancer. Domingo is their primary caregiver.

Domingo came to Connecticut from the Dominican Republican when he was 14 years old. Now, Domingo is being deported due to a crime he committed 12 years ago. He stole a purse and was charged with larceny. He confessed to the crime and spent some time prison in the U.S. He said it was during a time of weakness when he was struggling to support his family.