In Wallingford, it’s father vs. son, and the grandfather calling the game

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WALLINGFORD-- While the game schedule says Sheehan vs Guilford, many people stepped on this court to see dad vs son.

A ball and the court stood between a dad coaching for Guilford and his son playing for Sheehan. As the family faced off against each other for the first time. Dad had to coach against his very own son who played on the opposing team.

Sam DeMaio, who's a senior shooting guard said a lot of emotions were going through his head before the game.

Jeff DeMaio, Sam's dad said, "Very, very interesting night, a lot of emotions but on the other hand it's a Friday night it's another game."

But its not just another game, because win or lose tensions have been rising at home all week long

"Just kinda a little radio silence we've always talked after every single night about our games and practices and stuff but it's been less and less this week just cause we both know we're both playing each other and we're both very competitive," said Sam DeMaio.

And Grandpa agrees, George DeMaio said, "both my son and my grandson are very very competitive."

So to get in on the family rivalry he's announcing the whole game on am 960 where he's a sportscaster.

And when that final buzzer sounded.

"I think we will eventually talk about it I think we'll have to let it rest for the rest of the night so I think either tomorrow or the next day we'll talk about it," Sam DeMaio said.

At the end of the competitive game the son ended up scoring against dad but they will have a chance to rematch when they play each other in February.