Foodie Friday – Toasted

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STORRS -- It's fast, it's fresh and it's delicious! A new wave sandwich shop is heating up in Connecticut.

Toasted serves them up hot, with more than a dozen signature sammy's on the menu in Storrs.

"The Yard Goat sandwich is very popular," said owner Debbie Raviv. "It's grilled chicken, crispy bacon, ranch, buffalo sauce and pepperjack cheddar and it's awesome."

Raviv, who is classically trained at the Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, now enjoys her niche' sandwich business with husband Kehn and says it's all about flexibility for their customers.

"You should be able to have a sandwich with multiple cheeses, two or three sauces and whatever you want on it without limitation so the concept is highly customizable," said Debbie.

It is those lip-tingling savory homemade sauces that separate these gut busters from ordinary sandwiches.

"We have garlic mayo, chipotle mayo, sweet chili, pesto, siracha mayo, Russian dressing," said husband Khen Raviv. "You name it, we have it."

What started as a food truck is now a shop in downtown Hartford and also at UConn, right smack dab in the Storrs Center, where customers are able to get "Toasted."

"We want you to join the revolution and we really believe that each guest that comes in should have an experience," said Debbie. "It is not just about having a sandwich. We are getting Toasted and we're getting our customers Toasted - that's what it's all about."

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