The Stan Simpson Show – Trump and the media

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HARTFORD -- Donald J. Trump has been sworn in as America’s 45th  President.

Early indications are that his engagements with the media will be much different than past Presidents.

Quinnipiac University Journalism Professor Rich Hanley joined Stan for talk about what may be a “New Reality” for the nation’s media.

Trump and many of his supporters have treated his victory as a referendum on the news media. Many Trump critics, meanwhile, view his victory as a harsh indictment of the media's coverage of a candidate who kept fact-checkers particularly busy this election cycle.

As a candidate, Trump faced repeated fact-checks and deeply reported investigations that turned up damning findings -- and he won anyway.

"Soul-searching in the media is good and necessary," tweeted BuzzFeed's McKay Coppins. "But it's also possible that press could have been 'perfect' and Trump still would've won."

It was a preview of what the next four years could have in store: Trump grabbing headlines with a tweet to his millions of followers, while journalists and other media types use the platform to debate how to respond.