Protesters demand New Haven remain a sanctuary city

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NEW HAVEN -- Many people in New Haven gathered to protest a day after President Trump signed an executive order withholding federal funding from sanctuary jurisdictions.

David Chen who's a second year law student at Yale University said that's unconstitutional.

"There are constitutional protections that prevent and prohibit the federal government from coercing states into carrying out a federal agenda. The president cannot interfere with states ability to govern and conduct its own affairs," said Chen.

People took to the streets of New Haven, demanding the city remain a sanctuary for undocumented immigrants to live safely without fear of being deported.

"I'm marching for everyone who's an illegal immigrant. People who are fighting to be here. For America, the land of the free, and this is ridiculous that we have to be here to fight," said Daphnee Nicolas, who participated in the march.

However others who showed up to the march think differently.

"I'm for what most of the Republicans have been for, which is a path to citizenship and closing the border," said Edward Anderson, adding," This is a national problem we should get together as two parties to solve it."