Making breakfast messy on Foodie Friday at the Sloppy Waffle in Newington

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NEWINGTON -- If you like waffles then you are in luck! These aren't your typical "battered" waffles.

They are Liege waffles, said Sloppy Waffle owner Luz Ramos. "Liege is a region of Belgium where this particular recipe was invented."

It's a recipe filled with fresh ingredients, like a rich yeast dough with pearl sugar that is made with sugar beets straight from Belgium.

"All those flavors caramelize when you bake it so it's a really spongy, super tasty flavorful waffle that really doesn't need anything other than a little powdered sugar," said Ramos.

The Sloppy Waffle, along the Berlin Turnpike has been serving up these favorites, like the chicken and waffles complete with secret spices and maple syrup for nearly 4 years.

It's the brain child of owner Ramos, whose piled-high signature waffle takes breakfast to a whole new level.

"The 'Sloppy Waffle' is basically breakfast on a waffle where nothing is separated and everything is right on top," explained Ramos. "So you have the eggs any style, melted cheese, bacon or sausage right on top of the waffle and it's drizzled with maple syrup to make it nice and sloppy."

Served all day, the waffles are both sweet and a little crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The menu features breakfast and lunch items that Ramos says are sure to please the pallet.

"I believe that eating is an experience so when I eat, I want to take something away from it. I want to take a memory," she said. "I want to think about it later and that's what you have here."

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