‘We will not be bullied’: Local and state leaders defiant on immigration policies

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HARTFORD -- Another rally on illegal immigration ended the first week of the Trump Administration.

At the Legislative Office Building in Hartford, Senator Richard Blumenthal along with state and local officials denounced the President's stance on immigration and his most recent executive orders.

"We have tools," said Blumenthal without elaborating. "Certainly I would have to be joined by my colleagues in that effort but I would be advocating strong and effective action to stop these kinds of orders."

Dozens of supports of undocumented students and residents gathered to show support for so-called 'sanctuary cities' and the undocumented neighbors who live in them.

"The language of these executive orders is extremely unclear," said Mayor Luke Bronin of Hartford. "I would argue that even if these executive orders are written they wouldn't give the power to strip funding from any city in the country because there aren't cities that are violating federal law."

The rally included calls to protect Muslim communities and continue welcoming Syrian refugees.

"We will not be bullied into violating our constitution or violating the spirit of our country or the values of our country," said Bronin.

The press conference continued into a rally outside the LOB where a lone dissenter stood across the street holding a sign reading 'sanctuary cities unlawful."

"I don't have a problem with legal immigration," said Kevin, who wouldn't give his last name. "My parents came here legally, they jumped through all the hoops, they did all the paperwork, they did all the legal requirements."

Kevin says he believes in the laws on the books and cities shouldn't be allowed to selectively choose which ones are enforced.

"I believe I'm a reasonable person, there can be some middle ground," he said. "I'm willing to listen to their point of view, but a lot of these people, after they give me their point of view, they just walk away and won't discuss my point of view and it can be frustrating but that's their right."