Taber’s story: Old Saybrook boy inspires, doesn’t let health challenges stop him

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OLD SAYBROOK -- "You got it, you got it," says Gary Marineau of Old Saybrook as he shoots hoops with his son Taber. Last year, the 12-year-old boy was cut during basketball tryouts for the school team, but this year he made it.

"He was so happy, so proud," said Gary, who has coached various sports for 22 years. Taber's story is one of faith, determination and love. The boy began having seizures when he was 6 months old, before the Marineau's adoption process was complete.

"We were told, 'He might not ever walk or talk. Is this something your family is ready for?'" said Gary. "Of course we were ready for that."

Gary and his wife Lisa had fallen in love with the happy baby, diagnosed with epilepsy, who never let challenges stand in his way.

"Things have been thrown at him — epilepsy, he's intellectually disabled," said Lisa Marineau. "He doesn't let things stop him."

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