Pet of the Week – JuneBug

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HARTFORD -- JuneBug is a chihuahua mix.

She is a 9- to 10-ear-old spayed female.

JuneBug is a love bug – a little wobbly, chubby cuddle bug.

She was rescued her from local animal control after she was found roaming, never claimed, and suspected of possibly being dumped.

She had a host of maladies. Maybe someone couldn’t take care of her problems?

She had genital polyps, terribly infected teeth and gums, serious ear infections, and was grossly obese. Someone loved her with food, but could not keep up with the other issues.

Thanks to a cooperative effort between Protectors of Animals and the CT Humane Society, she was nursed back to health, and is ready to go, though she still does need to lose a few pounds.

She gets along with other dogs, and couldn’t catch a cat if her life depended on it, so let’s consider her fine with other pets.

She loves people, but, given her fragile state, older, calm kids would be okay. She really belongs with an empty-nester, someone to dote on her endlessly.

To learn more about JuneBug, or other pets that need homes, contact Protectors of Animals.