Foodie Friday – Sweet Cupcasions

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MILFORD -- If you have a sweet tooth, then this gourmet bakery in the heart of downtown Milford has you covered - in frosting and sprinkles! Sweet Cupcasions has something for any occasion. From their award-winning cupcakes, to cake pops or custom cakes, everything is made from scratch daily in small batches.

"It takes us a little bit longer than I think it probably needs to because I want to make sure that everything we put out is exactly that how I see it in my head," said owner Sue Schowerer. Schowerer creates these unique treats, one-by-one, by hand, carefully crossing her t's and dotting her i's.

"We really take the time to decorate them so that they're very individualized and specific to the flavor or the name for each cupcake," she said.

She also has an edible printer that uses actual food coloring, this comes in handy for ultra detailed designs or other logos that sit a-top these sugary sensations.

"Everything we do here is edible so we don't ever put anything on the cupcakes or cakes that you can't eat," said Schowerer. "We print it on the edible printer, which is printed on frosting sheets and then we cut it out and put it on fondant and then put it on the cupcakes."

Sue's creations have been recognized among the best around, taking home top honors on the Food Network's show "Cupcake Wars." Her winning treats are rotated monthly at the shop, which she hopes is welcoming to everyone.

"This is my passion, it is something that I absolutely love and everybody that walks through that door isn't just a customer, they become part of my Sweet Cupcasions family," said Schowerer.

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