Skiers don’t have to take the easy way down at Ski Sundown

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NEW HARTFORD -- Now that there’s snow on the ground, all eyes are on the slopes.

And some people in New Hartford are headed up the hill and not exactly taking the most direct route down.

A few years ago Ski Sundown set out to distinguish themselves in Connecticut by offering an expert mogul run.

“We`re not the biggest ski area but we pack a big punch,” said Lori Shield, Ski Sundown’s Marketing Manager.

That`s the pitch here and the pitch varies from the relaxed to something a bit more steep.

Satan`s stairway is the ski area’s designated mogul run.  They had to clear trees to make it.

“We hired some loggers and they came in and they brought in machinery we never heard of,” said Jarrod Moss, Snow Sports Manager.

The ski area tries to bump it up as soon as possible and leave it that way for the rest of the season.

“Much like all the feeder hills in Southern New England, you`re going to find a very diverse offering on the hill. You`re going to find trails that are steep enough where you need to pay attention and challenge you, and you`re going to find nice gentle cruisers thru the woods and get that relaxed outdoor environment in the middle of winter,” said Moss.