Should the XL Center get a $250 million facelift? Gov. Malloy says yes

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HARTFORD -- Governor Dannel Malloy got a firsthand look at the aging XL Center Friday afternoon.

The Administration is looking to provide $250 million dollars to renovate the XL Center and bring the 40 year old building up to modern standards.

"Either we close this facility in the not too distant future or we rebuild it because I'm certainly not going to propose that we spend 750 million to a billion on a new facility when we could accomplish so much of that at substantial savings to the taxpayer," said Malloy during a press conference following the tour.

The arena is suffering from several problems including unreliable air conditioning, faltering water pumps and elevators, and inadequate facilities for concessions.

State Senator Joe Markley of Southington says Connecticut is in no fiscal condition to provide any assistance.

"We're broke as a state," said Markley.

The $250 million would be spread out over a number of years, Malloy said.

Due to funding that was already approved in the last budget, work is already underway to improve the ice system along with two new Zambonis. The XL Center will shut down for the summer, to replace the ice.