Pet of the Week – Taquito

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HARTFORD --  Taquito is a 1-year-old chihuahua mix, a little dog who weighs just under 8 pounds.

He has had a bunch of dental work, after dental x-rays showed his baby teeth hadn’t come out, so they needed to be pulled.

He had an adult tooth that was stuck, so that came out, and his other adult teeth didn’t come all the way down, which are called “under-erupted” teeth, so he may need dental work in the future because of that.

He may still have to avoid hard treats, food and toys for a couple more weeks because of the dental work. Other than is teeth problems, which may be due to his breed, he’s fine!

He's been neutered and vaccinated, and can live in any size home, including apartments. He wants to live with kids who are at least 8 years old, because he’s very enthusiastic with food and bones. He will keep a firm hold and run away with them!

He hasn't had much experience with cats or dogs but is willing to consider a home with another furry friend.

He is calm but has moments of energy and needs to get some exercise every day.

Taquito is a great dog with lots of potential, who needs a family with general dog experience.

February is National Pet Dental Health Month, so here are some dental health tips for pets

  • brush your pet’s teeth once daily for optimal dental health, even 30 seconds will do the trick
  • use a kid’s soft toothbrush or finger brush (which looks like a rubber thimble)
  • brush with flavored pet toothpaste or just water
  • good dental health prevents issues in a pet’s mouth and the rest of their body
  • if you can’t brush often, look for treats and snacks with the Veterinary Oral Health Council seal on them
  • schedule regular vet appointments and discuss teeth cleanings to see when your pet needs one
  • don’t start brushing when they already have dental disease because their mouths are sore; start after your pet has had a dental cleaning

For more information on Taquito or other pets that need homes, contact the CT Humane Society.