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Bridgeport residents air concerns at town hall meeting with Rep. Himes

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BRIDGEPORT -- For the second consecutive night, Connecticut Congressman Jim Himes, answered questions from the public regarding their concerns from several topics ranging from immigration to affordable care act and President Donald Trump.

One by one people came up to the microphone at the town hall meeting and spoke their minds and concerns.

Himes addressed the affordable care and how it has greatly impacted millions of people around the country.

"As you know, I voted for it and I've been defending it by in large the last six years. I've heard the stories all along that it did awful lot of good for a lot of people," said Himes.

Himes also spoke about living conditions in Bridgeport. He acknowledged the fact that improvement is needed.

"This is a particular important question for the city of Bridgeport. Which is the availability and affordability of housing. Mayor Ganim and I and the city council are conscience of the fact that we got to do better, by our housing. We have a stock of housing here in Bridgeport, whether its the Marina Village we're talking about or some of the other public facilities that haven't been updated yet," said Himes.

Himes also spoke to the public about his views on the state of Washington. While he said he will stand up to President Donald Trump, he also said he is willing to work with him when there is common ground.

"I will not tolerate the president vilifying the intelligence community, the judiciary, the media, the institutions that are there to improve our country." said Himes.