Mother of Casey Chadwick speaks out against Malloy’s directive for state law enforcement on immigration

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HARTFORD – A Connecticut mother spoke out Thursday about Governor Dan Malloy's guidance on how to respond to President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration matters.

Casey Chadwick, 25,  was murdered by Jean Jacques, an illegal Haitian immigrant in 2015. Jaques stabbed Chadwick to death in her Norwich apartment, leaving her lifeless body in a closet. He was sentenced to the maximum of 60 years for her death.

Wednesday, Gov. Malloy and other state officials sent a letter to police chiefs and school superintendents with guidance on how to respond to President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration matters and subsequent memos from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The letters were sent Wednesday to heads of all law enforcement agencies, including college campus security officials, as well as superintendents.

Law enforcement officials are being told they should not take action solely to enforce federal immigration law, noting how the federal government cannot mandate states to investigate or enforce actions that have no connection to the enforcement of Connecticut laws.

Casey's mother, Wendy Hartling, was interviewed on Fox News Channel Thursday night. “I'm outraged. How can he say not to enforce the laws that are out there and in place? It hurts me and it will hurt a lot of people, that we tragically lost our children to criminal illegal aliens that should have been deported and should still be deported. It's not happening fast enough.”

Later in the evening, Gov. Malloy spoke to Tucker Carlson, "Connecticut complies with the law. There are federal laws that the federal authorities enforce and there are state laws that the state should authorities should enforce. We want bad guys off the street, we want bad guys sent home. That's not the disagreement, the disagreement is the president can't order us to do the federal work. Quite frankly, the federal government should should do their job and get it done. And we are not standing in the way of that happening."

Connecticut's senate delegation did introduce Casey’s law which would require Homeland Security to hold countries accountable for refusing to take back citizens convicted of violent crimes for who pose a threat to the public. There is also a similar version in the house.

Senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy had called for an investigation into why Jean Jacques was not removed from the US before he brutally murdered Chadwick.

The report from the Department of Homeland Security detailed failures and deficiencies within Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE.

Blumenthal spoke to FOX61 about the administration’s plans.

"More resources devoted to border security and to ICE is a good thing. But mass detention? Vastly expanded facilities to detain people after mass arrests is a waste of taxpayer money and threatens to rip apart families," said Blumenthal.

Senator Blumenthal does say he is pleased President Trump is permitting "Dreamers" to stay in the country but he remains concerned about their parents.