The Stan Simpson Show: How Emmett Till’s death shaped Deacon Miller’s life

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HARTFORD --  Deacon Art Miller, a national civil and human rights activist, sits with Stan Simpson to talk about the impact Emett Till's death had on him, his family and the country.

Deacon Miller, who grew up on the south side of Chicago in the 1950's, said the death of Till skewed the lives for him and many Americans. Miller tells Simpson, Till's death had nothing to do with what he did personally, he was killed because he was a victim of hatred from white people. Miller added, the death of till exposed the the hatred in America, particularly whites.

Deacon published a book "The Journey to Chatham: Why Emmett Till's Murder Changed America, a personal story," which is a story about America in its pre-civil rights struggle, and how the brutal murder of an innocent Chicago boy forced the country to face its own ugliness.

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